ServiceM8 Knowledgebase

Record & save business knowledge, expertise, tips & procedures in the form of Videos or Articles. Staff can then search from the app in the field to troubleshoot jobs, and knowledge content will be automatically suggested in new jobs if relevant.

Capture Your Knowledge

Experienced staff can complete work faster, with fewer mistakes, and to a higher standard, because they’ve seen and done it all before.

But in field service industries, it’s hard to capture and share this experience in a structured way.

ServiceM8 Knowledge provides the tools to practically capture, store, and make business knowledge, tips, and procedures accessible for all staff.

Knowledge Videos

Record video tips, techniques or processes through the ServiceM8 app. Even record several clips in sequence and they’ll be merged into a single video.

Knowledge videos can be searched and viewed in the field by all staff. This provides a valuable ‘go-to’ resource for field staff, improving job quality & completion, and avoiding delays & interruptions to other staff.

Knowledge Articles

Create Knowledge Articles with text and images to clearly communicate steps, procedures or policies.

Knowledge Articles are great for step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and documenting situational policies or procedures for “What to do when…”

Just-In-Time Accessibility

Field staff can search and find all Knowledge Articles & Videos in the app when they need it most.

The ability to tag Knowledge to reflect its content or relevance to a specific client means Articles and Videos will be automatically suggested to staff inside relevant job cards.

App & Online

Easily create Knowledge Videos & Articles on the go in the ServiceM8 app, or back in the office through the Online Dashboard. Seize the opportunities to capture valuable knowledge and invest in the continuous improvement & systemization of your business.