Sage 100 Error when the Server Disconnects


WindX Client Connection Error: “The server has disconnected” when trying to launch or access Sage 100 from a workstation or server. 


This error can be caused by one or all of the following issues:

  • Port used to install the workstation is different from the one used on the server 
  • Port is already in use by another application or service
  • Sage 100 service is using a logon other the Local System account and the credentials/password have changed.
  • Service logon account does not have permission for MAS90 folder 
  • Product Enhancement Participation service (PEP)


Identify port issues:

  1. On the affected workstation, browse to the sota.ini file located in the …..\MAS90\Launcher folder. Double-click the file or open it with Notepad.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the file and find the line similar to: 1=ServerName;10000;APS=SAGE;APPLICATION=Sage 100 ERP;Path=\\ServerName\ShareName\MAS90
    • This example shows a port number of 10000.
    • You may see the this listed twice in the file.
    • Compare this port number with the port listed on the Sage 100 service on the server.
    • If it is not correct, manually edit the port number to reflect the correct port, save the SOTA.INI file
  3. Verify the port number used by Sage 100 is not in use by any other application. Refer to link in the Additional Information section below for information about using the Microsoft Netstat utility to assist in identifying which applications are using which ports.
    • Example: A commonly-used product, Backup Exec (by Veritas Technologies), uses Port 10000, which may cause a conflict if Sage 100 also uses Port 10000.

II. Permissions:

Refer to article ID 63450 or the Sage 100 ERP Installation and System Administrator’s Guide to ensure that all users including the Sage 100 service logon account have the appropriate permissions.

III. Verify ‘Use CmdAsUser’ is not enabled

  1. Open Application Server Configuration on the Server (Start, Program, Sage)
  2. Select Server tab
  3. Uncheck Use CmdAsUser
  4. Select Apply
  5. Exit Application Server Configuration

IV. Product Enhancement Participation service (PEP):

Disable the PEP Service. Please refer to ID:48341 How to enable or disable Sage Product Enhancement Program (PEP).