Scanforce Mobile Sales

Sales Mobility at Your Fingertips

In an industry where efficiency — and inefficiencies –directly impact the bottom line, accurate and effective selling processes are essential. With ScanForce Mobile Sales, you’re able to view and sell the right quantities, capture signatures, and print receipts for better customer satisfaction, and reduce out-of-date product and inventory shrinkage — and that’s good for your profit margin.

Mobile Sales Highlights:

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Device options

There are many different environments a salesperson needs to sell in. ScanForce allows you to select the hardware that best suits your employees and your business. From rugged barcode scanning computers to tablets and full size laptops — the choice is yours.



Wireless connectivity, whether via Wi-Fi or cellular data, allows your salesperson to access current information and the office to receive orders and invoices as they are created. ScanForce uses the connection when you have it, but continues to work even when you don’t.

Whether you need to create quotes and sales orders in a pre-sales environment, or generate invoices and credit memos during Direct Store Delivery (DSD), ScanForce Mobile Sales is up to the task.

Our customer-friendly screens are simple to navigate, whether you’re scanning barcodes from the store shelf or on the products as they are pulled from the truck. If barcodes aren’t available, fast and efficient search screens allow your sales representative to quickly find the items along with the available quantities.

Capture signatures, print or email receipts, and send the information back to Sage immediately over cellular data networks, or when you get back to your Wi-Fi network.

Tradeshows can get hectic! We know — we were Sponsors for Sage Summit for eight straight years. If you’re selling products right on the tradeshow floor, a mobile device can streamline your entire process.

If barcodes are available, that’s great — they are a huge time saver. But when they’re not, you need to be able to search your inventory and check available stock quickly. ScanForce Mobile Sales lets you do just that. Our catalog view is extremely popular in tradeshow environments — a picture truly is worth a thousand words!

We all know getting good signal at a tradeshow is hit or miss. ScanForce does not require a constant connection, so if your internet is slow, or the connection fails altogether, your salespeople will be able to continue selling the entire time!

When customers walk into your showroom, the last thing they want is a lengthy paperwork process to place an order. Computers can take up precious counter space and separate your sales representative from the customer.

With a mobile device and ScanForce Mobile Sales, your staff are able to walk the showroom with the customer. They can access item and quantity information from their mobile device, right when the customer requests it. This type of customer service is a true differentiator for most companies.

Once the order is pulled, a signature can be captured and the paperwork can automatically be printed or emailed to the client.

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