Error: “Sage 300 ERP is running or in use.”


Sage 300cloud


North America


When trying to install Sage 300 ERP user gets an error stating:

“Sage 300 ERP is running or in use.
Please exit all instances of the Desktop.
Close all applications that integrate with Sage 300 ERP.
Stop the Sage 300 ERP .NET Remoting Service if it is running.
Stop the Sage 300 ERP Tomcat service if it is running.”


This may be caused when (re)installing Sage 300 ERP on a computer that had an earlier install.
The install program detects that the folders listed for Program or SharedData are still in use because they are listed in the registry entry for the software.


  • Ensure that Sage 300 ERP, the Tomcat service and .net Remoting service are not running (if installed)
  • Verify in Task Manager that processes starting with A4W and Sage are not running.
  • Check Computer Management Shared Folders that all Sage folder session connections are closed.
  1. Backup the registry according to the instructions for the operating system in use
  2. Change the registry entries for SharedData and Programs to a different folder or rename the entry. See KB article 20187 here for details on finding the registry entry for Sage 300 ERP
  3. Install the program as normal, entering the correct information for Program and SharedData folders
  4. Ensure the registry has the correct entries for SharedData and Programs
  5. Check the path statement in Environment Variables to ensure there is not a secondary path statement referencing Sage 300 ERP