Sage Production Management

With growth comes complexity.

As manufacturers increase capacity, grow their workforce, and expand into new areas of opportunity, they also lose visibility into their production processes. Data silos restrict access to strategic information while eroding trust. The proliferation of unintegrated management tools and spreadsheets creates bottlenecks. An incomplete picture of inventory and demand makes accurate forecasting next to impossible. The result is a missed opportunity, decreased efficiency, and increased costs.

Dynamic Inventory Assessment

To help mitigate inaccuracies in inventory management, Sage Production Management offers real-time updating of inventory transactions and quantity on hand as materials are issued.


Built on Sage’s Business Object framework architecture, Sage Production Management can be tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses today and as they grow.


The roadmap for Sage Production Management features optimal extensions to support additional functionality like material requirements planning, make to order, enhanced scheduling, advanced product configuration, and more.

Eliminate barriers to growth with an integrated manufacturing solution.

Built on the Sage 100cloud framework, Sage Production Management benefits from many additional capabilities, including dual grids and batch processes to increase data entry efficiency, the ability to easily customize fields, tables, and scripts in ways that persist with product upgrades, and the use of Visual Integrator to automate imports from almost any third-party system.

Additional Extensions


Material Requirements Planning

Available July 2019*

With the Material Requirements Planning extension for Sage Production Management businesses can more accurately evaluate supply and demand and avoid costly production delays by optimizing their inventory and simplifying scheduling

Make to Order

Available September 2019*

With the Make to Order extension for Sage Production Management, businesses can enhance their current make to stock functionality with features designed to customize and fabricate items according to unique customer specifications.

Enhanced Scheduling

Available 2020*

With Enhanced Scheduling, you can establish job priority and eliminate bottlenecks. By centralizing scheduling within Sage 100cloud, you can not only improve efficiency and coordination thanks to a user-friendly drag and drop interface, but also optimize the management of material availability, create exception alerts, and improve forecast accuracy.
(Requires Make to Order Extension)

Product Configurator

Available 2020*

The Product Configurator extension provides helpful guidance through questions designed to simplify the configuration of individual customer orders. It is rules-based so it only presents product options that are compatible with options already selected.
(Requires Make to Order Extension)

*Release dates and features subject to change

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Improve accuracy, maintain visibility, and optimize your inventory with Sage Production Management and Sage 100cloud.