Sage Intelligence Error: Side Panel Goes Missing


The Sage Intelligence side panel goes missing occurs when selecting the Show Task pane under the BI Tools, Report Designer Add-In Menu.

The message error could show up as: “Cannot run the macro ‘mnu_ShowTaskPane’. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.”


Please verify the following:

You have purchased the Sage Intelligence Report Designer module and it’s registered properly.

  1. Open Sage Intelligence License Manager
  2. Click the account number on the left side
  3. Verify a “1” is displayed in the Report Designer Enabled field
    • Note: If you have purchased the Report Designer module and a “O0” is displayed in this field, please contact Sage Sales Advisor at 800-854-3415 ext. 340808 to ask for your Sage Intelligence keys to be updated. 

Verify Report Designer Add-In has been installed on this workstation.

  1. Open Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs
  2. Verify Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Report Designer Add-In is listed

Verify Excel add-in is activated. 

  1. Open Excel, select File, Options
  2. Click Add-Ins
  3. Verify the following appear in the Active Application Add-Ins section:
    • Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0/Type – Excel Add-In
    • Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) / Type = COM Add-in

Repair Microsoft Office

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs and features
  4. Click on Microsoft Office Professional 2013
  5. Click on Repair

If either Add-In is not on the list, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Manage section and do the following:

  1. Select Excel Add-Ins from the Manage drop down list and click Go
  2. If the Report Designer Add-in 1.0 is listed, check the box.
  3. If the Report Designer Add-in 1.0 is not listed, click Browse and browse to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.xll
    • Note: If on a 64-bit machine go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.xll and click OK
  4. Note: when the Report Designer Add-in 1.0.0 is selected the Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) should be dynamically selected. If it is not listed, click COM Add-ins from the Manage drop down and click Go and If Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) is on the list check the box
    • If Add-Ins are still are not listed in Excel, please do the following ordered steps to reinstall the Report Designer Add-in:
  5. In Report Manager, rename the Report Designer Add-in and Report Designer Add-in Consolidation folders
  6. Using Add and Remove Programs, select Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Report Designer Add-in and click Uninstall
  7. Reinstall the Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Report Designer Add-in.

Important Reminders for Installing:

  1. If installing on Windows 7 or higher, right click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator.
  2. Sage support recommends you disable User Account Control (UAC).
  3. Sage Intelligence AND Excel must both be closed when installing Report Designer Add-In. And the user must have Local Administrator Permissions.