Sage CRM Training

Sage CRM is a comprehensive solution and requires its users to be proficient in order to get the most benefits out of the CRM software. At Acute Data Systems, we provide you with the best approaches for your Sage CRM training.

We value our clients and we provide proper training which results to less future support costs. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are fully trained on Sage CRM. Acute Data Systems has intensive professional knowledge and expertise in Sage CRM. Choose us to be your partner for your Sage CRM training and get started today.

Use Sage CRM For

  • Sales Force Automation – Sage CRM drives sales force performance by allowing you to share sales data, build repeatable sales processes, reduce sales cycles by focusing on profitable deals, automate sales reporting and forecasting, and monitor business performance metrics.
  • Marketing Automation – Sage CRM closes the loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads directly into Sage with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track the marketing ROI of your programs.
  • Customer Support – Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. With Sage CRM customer support, you’ll have confidence that customer cases will be handled quickly and effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty while turning your support organization into a competitive differentiator.