Sage 300 Web screens FAQs

  1. What’s the difference between web screens, the Sage 300 Portal, and Web Deployment?

    Web screens are redesigned versions of Sage 300 desktop screens that you use in a web browser. You open web screens from a new browser-based home page, which also features widgets that you can customize to display key business information.

    The Sage 300 Portal provides access to Sage 300 desktop screens in a web browser. It features a Shortcuts toolbar, snapshots of your accounting data, and the Sage 300 ad hoc Inquiry tool.

    Web deployment provides a web-based platform for accessing Sage 300 desktop screens using IIS and remote access technology (Microsoft .NET Framework or Distributed COM remoting). Web deployment is not required in order to use Sage 300 web screens.

  2. Do web screens replace the Sage 300 Portal?

    Not yet. The Portal is still available in Sage 300, and is still required if you use the quotes-to-orders feature in Sage CRM. Web screens use the Portal database, so if you already use the Portal, you do not need to create or set up a new database to start using web screens.

  3. Are all modules and screens from the Sage 300 Desktop available as web screens?

    Not all modules and screens from the Sage 300 Desktop are available as web screens. A selection of frequently used screens from the following Sage 300 modules are available as web screens, with more screens planned for upcoming releases:

    • Administrative Services
    • Common Services
    • Bank Services
    • Tax Services
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Inventory Control
    • Order Entry
    • Purchase Orders
    • Payment Processing
  4. Are the web screens identical to the desktop screens?

    While most of the browser screens are similar to their counterparts in the Sage 300 Desktop, the new screens have been redesigned to work in a browser and deliver an improved user experience. Among other changes, we’ve spelled out potentially confusing abbreviated labels, revised messages so they’re simpler and friendlier, and redesigned a number of controls on the user interface to streamline and simplify tasks.

  5. Can I use web screens and desktop screens at the same time?

    Yes, you can. For example, if you have customized some desktop screens, you can continue to use those while using the web screens for other tasks.

  6. Do I need to install Sage 300 or any other software on every computer or device that will be used to access the web screens?

    You do not need to install any software other than a web browser. However, all computers or devices that will be used to access the web screens must be connected to the network on which the Sage 300 server is running.

Product Features

  1. Are web screens available in languages other than English?

    Web screens are available in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Help and documentation for web screens is available in English and French.

  2. Are optional fields supported in web screens?


  3. Are multicurrency systems supported?


  4. Is Payment processing available?


  5. Are Intercompany Transfers available?

    No. To manage intercompany transfers, use Sage 300 desktop screens.

  6. Is Project and Job Costing available?

    No. To manage projects and jobs, or to process job-related transactions, use Sage 300 desktop screens.

  7. Are Operations modules available?

    Yes. A selection of frequently used screens from Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders are available as web screens, with more screens planned for upcoming releases.

Reporting and Intelligence

  1. What reporting and intelligence features are available in web screens?

    Web screens use SAP Crystal Reports® to generate reports. Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting is not available in web screens, but is available in the Sage 300 Desktop.

  2. Are custom forms and reports supported?

    Yes, with exceptions. If you have customized versions of the standard forms and reports included with Sage 300, they will be available in web screens, as long as the report file name has not been changed. However, any new custom forms or reports you create will not be available for use in web screens.


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