Sage 300 vs Sage 300cloud

What’s the difference?

Manage multiple locations, currencies, languages, with Sage 300c

With the Sage 300 2016 release, Sage announced tons of new upgraded features and enhancements that make running your business easier. In total, Sage 300 2016 includes enhancements to help you stay compliant, connect your business, add clarity with improved tax tracking report, along with easier posting, reporting and bank reconciliation.

Sage 300cloud is one of the new 2016 release enhancements. Sage 300cloud is a modernized, subscription only version of Sage 300.

The “C” stands for connected, collaborative and customer-focused. Sage 300c will give you the freedom to stay with the trusted solution that you’ve counted on for years. You’ll have the confidence to leverage new technology at your own pace without disrupting your business.

Sage 300c is based on the same Sage 300 business management platform offered for decades with a new modernized user interface. Otherwise, Sage 300c offers you all the 2016 release enhancements plus anytime/anywhere mobile access, a modern new user interface, and easy mobile access to real-time key performance indicators.

These new screens aren’t just great looking; they also help you improve productivity. You can access Sage 300c as you do today or leverage the new web screens using a browser from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. You have the freedom of choice on how you want to access Sage 300—anytime, anywhere.

Sage 300cloud Differences

Web Interfacing

The new web screens allow you to have any time, anywhere access to your Sage 300 system using any number of mobile devices including your smartphone (Apple and Android) IPad, tablets, or laptops using all the standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Module Bundles

Sage 300 “C” is grouped into three “bundles” so you can choose the best fit for your business. Here is a breakdown of the Essentials, Advanced and Complete bundles.

Sage 300 C is still installed “on premise”. While Sage 300 “C” can be hosted, it is a hybrid cloud based application, not a pure SAAS cloud model. It is still installed on a server at your site or elsewhere much as the regular Sage 300 is. Some additional security and configuration is required to enable web access, which we are happy to assist you with. In addition, the same desktop user interface you know and love is still there! No re-learning a new user interface if you do not want to. You have a choice to use either one you prefer today.