Sage 300 – How to Create Volume Discount Option In Item Pricing

Sage 300 - Volume Discount Option In Item Pricing

Volume Discount is a financial incentive that manufacturers offer to individuals or businesses that purchase goods in multiple units or in large quantities. It enables the seller to reward customers buying in bulk by providing a reduced price for each good or a group of goods. These discounts allow businesses to purchase additional inventory at a reduced cost, additionally allowing the seller to reduce inventory by selling more units to incentivized buyers.

Sage 300 can help you to manage the pricing of products by volume so that the pricing is easily visible. The option is available in the IC Item Pricing screen.

To turn on the Volume Discount functionality navigate to Inventory Control > I/C Items and Price Lists > Item Pricing

Begin by using the lookup function (spyglass) to select the Item Number desired.


Next, select the price list desired by highlighting and clicking the Open button.


The Item Pricing screen will open which allows you to determine item specific details such as the Base Price. Click on the Discounts tab.


On the Discounts tab you’re able to set the Selling Price Based on option to “Discount”, the Discount on Price by as “Percentage” and the Price Determined by option to “Volume Discounts”. Discount can be based either on customer type or on volume. Discount can be defined as a percentage or amount.

Once the Volume Discounts option is selected new Discount Percentage by Quantity Purchased fields will appear where you can define new pricing.


In Sage 300, the Order Entry function uses prices lists to calculate the prices of goods, taxes, and discounts on custom orders and invoices.

When creating an order simply change the Price List selection, enter the Qty Ordered and Sage will automatically adjust the Unit Price to include the ordered bracket’s discount.