Sage 300 US Payroll Module

Count on Sage 300 ERP Payroll
Process payroll accurately and on time, every time—Sage 300 ERP provides a comprehensive and flexible payroll solution that allows midsized organizations to manage payroll processing in-house cost-effectively.

Your Challenge
Regardless of the type of system you utilize—manual, outsourced, or in-house—there are basic payroll functions that must be performed in all businesses: calculation of hours worked, deductions [401(k), health, garnishments], and benefits (auto allowance, vacation, personal time). These functions are an important contributor to employee satisfaction and are fundamental to your company’s success. Payroll must be processed accurately, on time, and must adhere to the many associated government regulations. The challenge is determining the most efficient and cost-effective payroll processing system for your business.

Your Solution
The Sage 300 ERP Payroll module allows your business to effectively and efficiently process payroll in-house. Eliminate duplicate data entry, as time and payroll information is entered only once and seamlessly shared in the ERP system. Your organization can easily manage complex payroll accounting requirements and process paychecks and direct deposits correctly on time, every time. Use a variety of calculation methods for employee benefits, earnings, and deductions, while easily keeping up to date with the latest changes in tax rates and filing requirements. Using a completely connected system allows you to centralize the information required for compliance with government mandates and keep proper records for proactive defense against any employee litigation that involves compensation.