Sage 300 Textiles and Fabric Solutions

Sage 300 Accounting ERP system organized perfectly for the Textile and Fabric Industry. 

Why do you want to use Sage 300 for your Textile and Fabric Business?

Sage 300 is specifically designed to handle in-depth details of inventory items, pricing, business structure, campaign management, and purchase management. You’ll be able to have an in-depth and accurate view of all styles and sizes in inventory and avoid costly ordering mistakes. 

What Sage offers:

Business Benefits

Price List Flexibility

The ability to create flexible price lists means that customers are able to get the best price they're entitled to. Sage 300 allows you to create special price lists for your overseas customers in their own currency, giving them transparency in their transactions. Promotional campaigns are also simplified so that you're able to create price lists linked to promotional codes and catalogs to track their effectiveness and profitability.

Lot Traceability

With lot traceability, you're able to track the individual materials you've received from each supplier and gauge the quality of your final products. Be able to track where your materials came from, where they've been and where they will be sent - all on one platform. By increasing visibility, you can build relationships with your preferred supplier, negotiate better deals and fine tune orders.