Sage 300 RMA
Return Material Authorizations

Accurately track returns & repairs
within Sage 300

Streamline product returns and repairs from
within Sage 300

Robust, repeatable, fully-integrated return & repair processes

  • Reduced stock write-offs thanks to better item tracking
  • Maximize cost recovery by correctly charging for repairs
  • Inventory and financial records are kept up to date and synchronized
  • Identify product quality issues early, allowing you to take corrective action
  • Customers can be kept fully informed of progress and status from a single source of truth
  • All data held within Sage 300 – no more standalone databases, spreadsheets, or handwritten notes

Return Material Authorizations (RMA) Features

Configurable RMA Workflows

  • Authorize customer returns
  • Initiate replacement orders
  • Issue credit notes
  • Return faulty goods to the vendor

Upon completion of each return or repair, cross-referenced entries are generated in Sage 300 PO, OE, and IC to keep records synchronized.

Key Operational Features

  • Automatic allocation and tracking of RMA ID numbers
  • Simple, efficient tracking and billing of repairs
  • The ability to email a range of RMA instructions to customers
  • Status tracking, based on user-definable status and workflow stage codes

Customized, Template-based Setup

  • Templates, either system-wide or at the customer level, speed up data entry and validation
  • Email templates save time and provide consistent customer service
  • Define an RMA Customer email address (different from AR Customer or contact email)
  • Define policies to enforce return rules at the item level
  • Specify employees authorized to approve RMAs (they need not be Sage 300 users)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Automatic calculation of Restocking Fees
  • An ‘Entered By’ field is recorded on all RMA transactions

Document Creation & Checking Options

  • Auto-create an RMA from the original customer invoice
  • Include multiple customer invoices on one RMA
  • Creation of OE Customer Credit Note, and return to inventory
  • Creation of OE Sales Order, to replace returned goods
  • PO Inventory return to Vendor
  • Creation of Shipping documentation
  • Return Instruction Form, detailing return procedures for the customer

Tracking & Analysis

  • Track claims for cost recovery (e.g. inventory damaged in transit by a 3rd party shipping company)
  • Fault type, Vendor warranty, and 3rd Party Repair Agent tracking
  • Reports and queries to view status of returns
  • Optional Fields at Header, Item or Miscellaneous Charge level for configurable tracking
  • Distributors can record the consumer of the product being returned for analysis purposes

An integrated Sage 300 Module

RMA is developed in the Sage 300 SDK, providing the familiar look & feel plus standard security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking, and more.

RMA stores all data in the Sage 300 database, and integrates seamlessly with these core modules:

  • IC, AR, OE, PO
  • Project & Job Costing
  • Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking
  • Optional Fields

RMA also supports:

  • Customer, Vendor and Item Number change
  • Multiple Contacts for AR
  • Sage 300 Kitting and BOM functionality

Minimum Requirements

  • Features related to the latest supported version (currently v2022).
  • Return Material Authorizations 2022 requires Sage 300 2022 System Manager, Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Accounts Receivable.
  • Vendor Returns functionality requires Sage 300 Purchase Order.
  • Sage 300 Project & Job Costing module is needed for tracking returns against a project.

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