How To Reverse a Wire Transfer Payment in Sage 300


When using a Payment Code that has an Other Payment Type for a payment, the Other Account box will become available to assign another account other than the bank account to have the payment credited from.
How do you reverse such a payment since the payment does not show up in Bank Reconciliation?


Reverse the payment by using Adjustment Entry.

  1. In A/P Transactions, double-click the Adjustment Entry  icon.
  2. Select the vendor in the Vendor No box.
  3. In the Document Number box, select the invoice that you have made the payment to.
  4. Select the same account that you used in the Other Account box when the payment was applied.
  5. Enter the amount that you want to reverse in the Debit column.
  6. Post the adjustment.
  7. If the invoice has been fully paid, the adjustment will reinstate the invoice so it becomes outstanding again.