Sage 300 Quick Invoice

Quick Shipment feature for Sage 300 Taking it a step further, we have developed a separate standalone component for providing the feature of sage 300 batch invoicing for multiple shipments from multiple customers at the same time. With this component, the Account person in the organization can list out all open shipments for which invoices need to be generated in Sage 300. With batch invoice program, users can view all the open shipments that are not yet invoiced. Users can select all or particular shipments for creating invoice. invoice1 In order to invoice; user needs to individually select the range of shipment that needs to be invoiced or he can also click on Select All button which will select the complete list of shipments available in the grid and then clicking on Invoice All button, which will generate Invoice of all the selected Shipments. After the Invoice is done; users can print the Invoice report from the interface itself using the Print button and also if any errors occur during the process, our routine also logs the error in a log file which can be referred to resolve the error.

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