Sage 300cloud

Pricing for Sage 300

Sage 300 pricing is predominantly based on module packages and quantity of users. Sage 300 Cloud offers three bundles: Essentials, Advanced, and Premium. Pricing is affected by your choice of the bundle, and by the number of users.

Sage 300cloud, the newest version of Sage 300, is a flexible platform designed to meet the needs of your business. Because every company’s needs are unique, project pricing can vary. Product pricing is based on a variety of factors, such as version selected, number of users, and add-ons requested. Let us help you determine what options are best for your business.

What is the price for Sage 300cloud?

Sage 300cloud’s pricing model varies from customer to customer. The pricing is typically based on the following features:

  • Number of concurrent (simultaneous logins) users
    – Example: With a 5-user concurrent license, you can create as many users as you need, but only 5 users can log in simultaneously.
  • Bundle of Modules Selected/Functionality Required
  • Payment terms selected (Monthly or Annual)
  • 1 Year Subscription term

Sage 300cloud has 3 different product bundles

Sage 300cloud Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Pricing FAQs to help you determine if Sage 300cloud is right for your business:

  • This is an on-premise, subscription-based platform.
  • There are no upfront fees for Sage 300cloud.
  • Annual maintenance and support plans are included with your monthly subscription.
    • You can choose a Gold or Silver support plan. The Gold Plan allows you unlimited Sage support cases whereas Silver Plan allows you five Sage support cases annually.