About National Accounts

If you have customers that are subsidiaries or branch offices of a large company, you can use national accounts to process a single payment from the head office and apply it to the subsidiary accounts. In one step, you can also place an account and all its subsidiaries on hold.

If you want to record invoice payments for all branches through the national account, you add a customer record for the national account using the national account number as the customer number.

You can look up and print a report of total statistics from the transactions posted to all the customers in each national account, and you can also limit the contents of other Accounts Receivable reports to one or more of your national accounts.

When to Use National Accounts

You should use national accounts if you process transactions for a head office and its branches and you want to:

  • Accept a single payment from a company and apply it to outstanding invoices for all its branches.
  • Send invoices and statements to the head office, and send orders to the individual branches.
  • Make sure that when you put a head office on hold,
  • Accounts Receivable warns you about the hold when you enter invoices for its subsidiaries.
  • Prevent posting further transactions to customers in the national account by assigning Inactive status to the national account.
  • Apply different taxes to transactions for the head office and its branches.
  • Assign the salespeople who are responsible for each national account, and set the default salespersons and percentages for the customers you add to the national account.
  • Keep a set of sales and receipt statistics for the national account as a whole, and keep statistics separately for the head office and each branch.
  • Set default entries to assign to new customer records you add to the national account.
  • Record a separate comment for each office.
  • You enter invoices separately for all the branches (customers) in a national account, but you can receive a single receipt (payment) from the head office and apply it to invoices for any of the customers in the national account.


To be able to apply receipts to the customers of a national account, you:

  1. Set up a customer record for the national account.
  2. Assign the national account to the customer records for the head office and all its subsidiaries or branches.
  3. You can then display and select any of the transactions posted for the account’s customers when you apply receipts from the national account.