Sage 300: An error has occurred in a CRM .net customization. Please contact your vendor to resolve.


When Synchronizing Tables get an error “An error has occurred in a CRM .net customization. Please contact your vendor to resolve.”


User Name and Password are not passing to Internet Information Services, or username and password are not being capitalized.


  1. Ensure user name and password are capitalized. Use Sage 300 User-Level security, Administration, Sage 300 Administration, Sage 300 User-Level Security, Select User Name used when logging into CRM, update password and select Save. When using Sage 300 User-Level Security User name and password are capitalized, when using CRM’s User update, User and password are not capitalized.
  2. Sage300WebApi Application site has Windows Authentication enabled. On server where Sage 300 Webscreens is installed, Open Internet Information Services Manager, expand Default Web Site, Select Sage300WebApi, in Feature panel, select Authentication, Windows Authentication should be Disabled.
  1. There are 2 issues in the setup:

1) Select IIS
2) Select Application Pools
3) Select ‘Sage 300 Pool’ from the list
4) Right Click and select Advance Setting
5) Select Identify (under Process Model section)
6) Change to .\Administrator from LocalSystem.

Using LocalSystem for Sage 300 Pool will never allow integration.

Correct the Integration Settings

1) Select Administration
2) Select Sage 300 Administration.
3) Click Setup Integration.
4) Sage 300 company database ID. (For example, SAMLTD)
5) Sage 300 Company name. (For example, Sample Company)
6) Sage 300 Server URL Name. (http://Sage300ServerName)


Settings and preferences

application options and setup that must be completed before using the application, including company information, chart of accounts, sales taxes, inventory items, user profiles, groups, etc.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.