Sage 300 AR-AP Settlements

Settle A/R Transactions With A/P Transactions for Sage 300

AR-AP Settlements for Sage 300 (A/O) streamlines the settlement of open Receivable documents with open Payable documents, or vice versa. This is useful when the same company is defined as an A/R Customer as well as an A/P Vendor in Sage 300.

Settlement Groups​

AR-AP Settlements handles the functionality mentioned above, based on user-defined Settlement Groups. A/O allows you to settle open customer and vendor documents within a group easily. As a result, you may pay or receive only the balance amount after the settlement. Multiple companies from both A/R and A/P modules, having different currencies, can be included in the same Settlement Group.

A/O Settlement Entry ­– Receivables Tab
A/O Settlement Entry ­– Payables Tab

One Sided Settlements​

AR-AP Settlements for Sage 300 optionally allows One Sided Settlements when you settle open documents in Receivables against each other or open documents in Payables against each other.

In addition to the above, while making a vendor payment, AR-AP Settlements will let you know the amount that the payee owes you. Similarly, while making a customer receipt, you will know how much you owe that payer.

Web Screens

When you open Sage 300 in a web browser, AR-AP Settlements web screens are listed together with other Sage 300 modules. The following figure shows a screenshot of the A/O Settlement Entry web screen.