Connect Sage 300 with Shopify

Save time by seamlessly connecting Sage 300 and Shopify.


Benefits of Integration

Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory

Sales in Shopify will automatically sync to Sage 300 in real-time. This allows you to plan ahead and reduce time to replenish inventory.

Process Orders Quickly

Sales orders will automatically sync into Sage 300 which will allow them to be shipped out faster.

Automate Financial Entry

All sales from Shopify will be recorded in Sage 300 which allows you to have a complete financial view of your business at any time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers are automatically notified about the delivery status of their order.

Avoid out of Stock

Having inventory automatically synced from Shopify to Sage 300 allows you to to manage your inventory and avoid out of stock items.

Guest Checkouts

Guest checkouts are tracked in Sage 300 which allows you to convert guest buyers into loyal customers

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