Sage 100 SO Quotation Entry

Sage 100 SO Quotation Entry (SO-1386) adds a new ‘Quotation Entry’ menu option to the Sales Order Main Menu.

In Quotation Entry, the ‘#’ button will bring up the next Quote Number, entered in Setup. The Quote Number ALE will only include Quote type orders. The Order Type field in the Sales Order Defaults window and the Header tab will default to ‘Quote’ and be disabled. You will not be allowed to create other types of Sales Orders here, but you may edit Quote type orders that were created in Sales Order Entry.

The data entry screens will be the same as Sales Order Entry of a ‘Quote’ type Order. These Quotations will be saved in the Sales Order Entry files, and will be accessible in Sales Order Entry to edit or convert them to ‘Standard’ type orders.

Quotes created in regular Sales Order Entry will not use this new quotation numbering.

When you do a ‘Quick Print’ from Quotation Entry, the form code entered in Setup will default into the Form Code field. Defaulting will not occur when Quick Printing Quotes from standard Sales Order Entry.