Sage 100 SO Delivery Scheduling

Sage 100 SO Delivery Scheduling (SO-1473)
Allows you to establish delivery calendars for trucks. These calendars will hold the specific days of the week which are available for delivery as well as the maximum number of deliveries allowed per day. Each calendar’s delivery area is restricted by Zip Code. A master user is allowed to override this restriction.

This Extended Solution also ships a Scheduling Maintenance program that allows you to assign entire sales orders or individual lines from sales orders as:
• Customer Pick Up
• Scheduled for Delivery
• Approximate Scheduled Date of Delivery

Custom Office UDFs are used to track which User Code scheduled a line of an order and on what date as well as what the last User Code was to make a change to that scheduling and on what date. Scheduling Dates are stored in the Sales Order line’s Promise Date field thereby disabling Promise Dates for any other use. The Custom Office module must be activated.