Slow performance when running Sage 100 across a network


Slow performance when running Sage 100 ERP across a network


  1. Verify the Antivirus program has been configured to exclude the following folders on Server and workstations:
    • “..\MAS90
    • “..\Crystal Reports*” (e.g. “Crystal Reports 2011 for Sage”)
  2. Verify that Antivirus program has been configured to exclude the following files on Server and workstations:
    • DD, DDE, DDF, LIB, M4L, M4P, M4T, PVC, PVX, RPT, SOA, UI, XEQ.
  3. Disable Smartscan Technology (Norton) or any other aggressive scanning utilities that may interfere with operations
  4. Set the AV to scan ONLY when starting up the workstation, so that it does not interfere with normal operations
  5. Set the AV to prompt for action rather than delete or rename the file
  6. Disable the scanning of Network Drives
    • If the AV software programs are scanning network files and the workstation has the drive mapping to the server this will lockup MAS90. Deselect Network Scanning on all workstations.
  7. Symantec settings:
    • Disable Tamper Protection
      • This was known to cause extreme lockups
    • Change the Proactive Threat Scanning from the DEFAULT setting to once a day
    • Change the scan settings for files that have been modified rather than accessed
    • Avoid installing the Symantec EndPoint Client directly onto the server as the scans will slow all of the server processes
  8. Network Printers:
    • Make sure all Network Printers are online
    • If Network Printer is off-line and no longer needed, just remove it from Devices and Printers Window


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.