Sage 100 Service Center

Service Order Processing

sage 100 service center

Eliminate Double Entry

Service Center is the only Sage 100 product designed specifically for service centers and depot repair shops. It is the ideal solution for businesses that need to track warranties, perform repair service, send replacement units and return items to stock. It is closely integrated with the Sales Order, Inventory Management and Accounts Receivable modules.

  • Built for Sage 100
  • Track warranties and extended service contracts
  • Process service orders
  • Track profitability by item, customer or technician
  • Track items on “Demo” or “Loan”
  • Track service Technician productivity
  • Track Return Authorizations
  • Process warranty replacements
  • Process multiple service items on a service order
  • Ideal for Business Insights and Crystal Reports

The Service Center module keeps your company in touch with your customers and with the products you sell and service. Service Center allows you to track warranties, return products, exchange items, and process repair orders.

 The Service Item data base automatically tracks items sold from your inventory so that when a repair is required, you can see when it entered your inventory, when it was sold, to whom it was sold, who the current end-user is, what warranties cover it, and what service has been performed in the past.

If a Service Item needs to be repaired, replaced, or returned, you can create a Service Order to process the item through your operation and accounting system. At the time you create the Service Order, you can also see whether the item being repaired is under warranty, what is covered under the warranty, what repairs have been done in the past on the same item, or whether the customer is on credit hold. You can print service order forms, service item labels, picking sheets, bar code labels, and shipping labels for each order in text or graphical format. You can charge for labor and track that labor by service technician. If repair parts are needed, you can search your inventory for the parts, select from any warehouse, and utilize the special pricing options set up in your Inventory Management system for that customer.

service-order-entryService Orders can move through a series of status codes that you control until the repair is complete. At that point the system can automatically create a Sales Order invoice to bill for the whole Service Order, or for just the Service Items that have been completed.
  • Repair customer’s equipment or inventory
  • Track third party repairs for an authorized repair center
  • Refurbish internal equipment or resale inventory
technician-timeService Center will streamline the processing of your returns – or repairs and provide you with greater insight into your service center business.
It allows you to send and track loaners or demo units, track and manage multiple warranties, run failure analysis and technician productivity reports and keep a complete service history.  Technicians can enter time entries for time spent on each repair or service item.  Custom service order status’s can be created and you are able to track each status change on a service order, when the status change happened and who changed the status.
owner-historyService Center also allows you to track ownership history of a service item.
See who the item was sold to originally, when it was invoiced, and any ownership changes throughout the life of the item.