Sage 100: Sales Tax is not Calculated Correctly in Purchase Order Or Accounts Payable


Sales tax is not calculated correctly in Purchase Order or Accounts Payable in Sage 100


Sales tax is not calculated or is miscalculated when the following occurs:

  • Sales Tax Class is not selected in Sales Tax Code Maintenance for purchases
  • Sales Tax Rate is not correct in Sales Tax Code Maintenance
  • Sales Tax Schedule does not contain the correct Sales Tax Codes


  1. Open Library Master, Setup, Sales Tax Class Maintenance
    • Select Sales Tax Schedule assigned to Vendor
    • Verify the correct Sales Tax Codes are selected
    • Leave window open
  2. Open Library MasterSetupSales Tax Code Maintenance
    • Select, Sales Tax Code(s) from Sales Tax Schedule above
    • Verify, Sales Tax Rate percentage, change if not correct
    • Check, Purchases box to use in Purchase Order and Accounts Payable
    • Click, Accept
    • Repeat for all Sales Tax Codes assigned to the Sales Tax Schedule