Sage 100: Move PDF Documents For Paperless Office


Sage 100  How To Move PDF Documents For Paperless Office


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


If a PDF file is not moved correctly, the Report Viewer cannot locate the file, and the path in the PDF Location column displays in red text. Paths are defined in the tasks listed below in the Paperless Office Setup menu.
Note: The setup files are stored in ..\Mas90\Mas_System.

Report TypeTaskSetup Files
Journals and RegistersJournal and Register MaintenancePL_JournalPDFLog.M4T
Period End ReportsPeriod End Report MaintenancePL_PeriodEndPDFLog.M4T
Standard ReportsReport MaintenancePL_ReportPDFLog.M4T
FormsForm MaintenancePL_Form.M4t



To move .PDF files, perform either or both of the following procedures:
Note: Standard Reports used as an example, but applies to all report types.
Note: The Report Viewer must be able to locate the file in order to move it. If the Move button is unavailable or the path is in red text, open Windows Explorer and move the file to the location noted in the PDF Location column.

Move existing reports

1. Open Paperless Office, Main, Report Viewer
2. Select Company and Module Codes or ALL. The reports will display in the list area.
3. Select the reports to be moved.
Note: Press CTRL or SHIFT when clicking to select multiple reports.
4. Click Move button (yellow bar with the right arrow).
5. Browse to New Location then Click OK.
6. Click Yes
7. A dialog box opens indicating the number of PDF documents moved. Click OK

Change the path for future reports.

1. Select Paperless Office, Setup, Report Maintenance
2. Click Report Entries (Flashlight button) Select the setting desired to change from the Report List and click Select.
Note: This is a list of previously configured settings.
3. In the PDF Directory field, browse to the new location for PDF storage
4. Click Accept.
5. Repeat for each existing company and module code combination as desired.
6. Close the window.
7. Select Paperless Office, Main, Report Viewer
8. Select the Company and Module Codes or ALL, and verify that the paths are in black text and that the reports can be opened.