Sage 100 Mobile Commerce

Speedy & Friendly 

ERP based distribution and direct store delivery (DSD) will never be the same. xkzero Mobile Commerce provides the environment to build your business. Mobile-based processes seamlessly integrate with your ERP system and are as easy to use as, well—an iPhone app.

Whether it’s with Sage X3, Sage 500, or Sage 100, with xkzero Mobile Commerce, product distributors have a flexible new platform for optimizing and growing their businesses.


Schedule and plan truck loading with more speed and accuracy than ever before. Drivers can use xkzero Mobile Commerce to request load contents and pick-up times right from their iPhone. Inventory check-out and check-in with orders or pre-defined standards get your fleet on the road and product into customers’ hands quickly.


Create efficient routes for reps to serve your customers according to their preferred schedule, and even conserve fuel in the process. Also, create and save common loads for re-issue whenever you need them.


Sell more in a given amount of time with tailored processes. Perform pre-sales, delivery, returns, exchanges, and even truck transfers. Drivers know how much inventory is on their trucks at all times and keeps the back office employees updated as transactions occur.


Fast, accurate delivery is only the start. While face to face with customers, your reps can gather competitive intelligence with custom surveys, and capture photos of useful images like displays, tagged with your chosen criteria.


Use surveys to capture data critical to serving your customers better, maintain your fleet and build more effective loads and routes. GEO code transactions and POP displays to make sure your product is being presented the way it should be.


Knowledge is power. With all the new information available through xkzero Mobile Commerce, you’ll not only better serve your existing clients, but also add customers without your crew breaking a sweat.

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