Sage 100 ML Base Module

A Comprehensive Solution for Multi-Language Translation Needs

  • Change Sage 100 (MAS 90 / 200) screen field names only once—globally!
  • All translations are performed dynamically
  • Compatible with Third-Party enhancements

Multi-Language is a Sage 100 (MAS 90 / MAS 200) Enhancement, developed exclusively by DSD Business Systems.  While Custom Office allows changes to Sage 100 (MAS 90 / MAS 200) screens one-field,one-panel-at-a-time, Multi-Language allows field names to be changed once—globally!  Menus, Data  entry screens, Crystal Reports, Standard Reports, Message Prompts, Progress Meters, and Pop-ups are all translated into a language better-suited to the culture of your company.

  •  The Multi-Language English Language Table Builder Utility scans the entire Sage 100 database searching for text embedded in Screens, Programs, Grids, ALE Lookups, Menus, Crystal and Standard Reports, Message Tables, Progress Meters and Pop-ups.–  Once created, the English Language Table serves as the basis upon which custom language translations will be made
    –  Third-Party enhancements will be encompassed in the database search
    –  It’s necessary to run this utility only once after installation
  • Multi-Language User Maintenance allows entry of Sage 100 User Code assignments by Language Code.

– Each Sage 100 User Code can be assigned a unique Language Code linking it  to a Language Translation Table by user preference.

  • Multi-Language Language Maintenance makes managing Language Translation Tables easy with the use of Sage 100’s standard customizable grid entry format.

–  Column A displays the English text, while Column B stores the maintainable translation.
–  Editing tools such as a Find/Replace utility exist for making single word or  bulk text translations across an entire Translation Table.
–  Language Translation Tables can be copied from existing Tables or from pre-defined Language Translation Templates available from DSD in various foreign languages.


    • Multi-Language Miscellaneous Entry exists for making additional entries into an existing Language Translation Table.

–  There may be instances where the English Language Table Builder utility fails to retrieve all English text within Sage 100.  Single or multiple line entries can be made and appended to your Translation Table.
–  Both the English text and Translation columns are editable in a grid entry format.

Multi-Language is an invaluable Enhancement, providing a comprehensive solution to change screen fields only once—globally— instead of painstakingly one-field, one-panel-at-a-time.