Items Display Zero Quantity with a Remaining Value on the Valuation Report in Sage 100


Items display zero quantity with a remaining value on the valuation report. There is no remaining negative tier for the FIFO item in Sage 100.


An inventory adjustment was made and the cost on the transaction was overridden, usually with a zero cost. This transaction can be seen on the Inventory Detail Transaction Report for the period when it was posted.
Two adjustments are required to address this.

  1. Enter a positive quantity adjustment to match the errant entry

    • If applicable, on the Distribution Entry window, click look-up to distribute to the tier with zero quantity and extended dollar amount.

    • When you return to the Transaction Entry window, override the cost to $0.00

    • Accept and Post the adjustment.

  2. Then enter a negative quantity adjustment and select the same tier to distribute.
    • Post the second adjustment to bring the quantity back to zero and relieve the outstanding cost tier.

    • Accept and Post the adjustment