Sage 100 - Inventory Transaction Codes

Here is a list of Sage 100 Inventory Transaction Codes. These codes show up when transactions are posted in the inventory module. Inventory transaction types are displayed in Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry, and are printed on the Detail Transaction Report. The Inventory Transaction Search feature in Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry can be used to search for all inventory transaction codes or a specific transaction type. This list also applies to Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 since Sage 100 is the same product. Only the name has changed.

Inventory Transaction Code – Transaction Type
BI – Product Issues
BC – Bill of Materials Cost Roll-Up
BR – Product Receipts
BZ – Negative Quantity Adjustment (from Bill of Materials)
IA – Item Adjustment
II – Item Issued
IC – Standard Cost Adjustment
IN – Negative Tier Adjustment
IP – Physical Count
IR – Item Received
IS – Item Sold
IT – Item Transfer
IX – Purged Transactions
IZ – Cost Tier Adjustment
PM – Material Requisition
PO – Purchase Order Item
PS – Point of Sale Transactions
PZ – Negative Quantity Adjustment (from Purchase Order)
SI – Sales Order Issues
SO – Sales Order Item
SZ – Negative Quantity Adjustment (from Sales Order)
WC – Work Order Cost Roll-Up
WI – Work Order Issues
WR – Work Order Receipts
WZ – Negative Quantity Adjustment (from Work Order)