Sage 100 IM Lot Serial UDFs

Sage 100 IM Lot Serial UDFs has been designed to allow for entry and maintenance of User-Defined Fields (UDFs) for Lot and Serial Items.

Up to 20 UDF’s may be defined in the I/M Setup Menu, Lot/Serial UDF Maintenance. These UDF’s can have different attributes: String, Uppercase, Numeric, Zero-Filled, Date, PO Number, Vendor Number, and Yes/No (check box).

Also customizable is the length of each UDF and if the specific UDF can be changed AFTER PO Receipt of Goods, SO Invoicing, or I/M Transaction Receipts. For Lot Items, a UDF may be defined as a Number and if the same Lot is received multiple times, that UDF number may be “added” to the existing UDF field in Inventory. For Lot Items, if the same Lot is received multiple times, that UDF may be flagged to overwrite existing UDF fields already in Inventory.

You will be able to review / maintain these UDF’s in a variety of areas, including: PO Receipt of Goods, PO Receipt History Inquiry, Inventory Maintenance / Inquiry, S/O Invoice Data Entry, S/O Shipping Data Entry, S/O History Inquiry, I/M Transaction Entry, B/M Production Entry, RMA Data Entry, RMA Receipts Entry, and A/R Invoice History Inquiry. A UDF Button appears in all of these areas and a pop-up panel will display these UDF’s.

CRW / ODBC Dictionaries are added for each data file storing UDF’s so that a user can link into existing CRW reports.