The Item Code is required. The Item Type is required. The Sales Account is required.


Error: “The Item Code is required. The Item Type is required. The Sales Account is required.”
In the Sales Order Entry, Lines Tab, when using Misc. items.


Reset the Panel

  1. Right click in the grey area of Sales Order panel, Panel Settings, Reset Panel
  2. Check mark Reset all Grids and “Reset Panel Size and Position
  3. OK
  4. Accept and reopen the sales order

If the error keeps the panel from closing, delete the line that the cursor lands on after you close the error panel. Now close the panel and reopen, verify the SO is correct.

Additional Information

  • In another case, the customer had a User Defined Field called Item Type also and it was a Required Field. The message “The Item Type is Required” was referring to the User Defined Field, not the standard Sage Field. Workaround is to deselect the Required Field checkbox in UDF Maintenance or add the Required Field to Miscellaneous Item Maintenance. Both Inventory Items and Miscellaneous items are stored in CI_Item.m4t.
  • Another scenario had an empty record in SO_SalesOrderDetail and the only value was a LineSeqNo. Delete the empty orphan record. Then, noticed the sales order in question had two lines for the same item and one was missing the LineSeqNo – deleted that in DFDM. No further errors occurred when accessing the sales order in Sales Order Entry.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.