Sage 100 Error: “26 Variable type invalid” appears at server. Check printing or Direct Deposit printing hangs


Check printing and Direct Deposit stub printing hangs in Sage 100 2018 Advanced or Premium
Error 26 Variable type invalid may appear at the server. Sage 100 Application Server Service or Desktop App may no longer be running or responding.
WindX Client Connection
Connection Timed Out waiting for your application to start will appear at the workstation client.


For Sage 100 2018, Payroll 2.18.1, install Program Fix PR6003T, per KB article 91874.
For Sage 100 2018, Payroll 2.18.2, install Program Fix PR6002T, per KB article 91873.
(Note: The fix and article for the more recent 2.18.2 were prepared before the fix and article for 2.18.1, which is why the numbering is in that order.)
Possible Workaround:

  1. Exit all users in Sage 100 and close any open sessions at the server. May need to stop the Sage 100 Service if running and end all pvxwin32.exe task running at the server.
  2. Deselect Spawn Task from Application Server in User Maintenance for users printing Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Stubs. Users must exit Sage for this to take effect.
  3. Rename Sessions.pvk and Locate.pvk in “..\MAS90\Home\Lib\_Appserv” folder at the server where Sage 100 is installed. Then launch the Application Server Configuration (run Sage 100 as an Application) which will generate the 2 files renamed above.
  4. If run as a Service, stop the Application, then start the Sage 100 Service
    If issue still occurs or receive a different error after above change, try running Sage 100 in Standard (MAS90) mode. (See Related Resources section.)


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.