Error 11 JCWJDC 1020


Error: “11 JCWJDC 1020” when printing the Job Billing Register


Data Corruption

Open Job Cost / Job Billing / Job Billing Selection, click the ‘Clear’ buttonClear the selection in Job Billing Selection:

  • Reenter billing selection

If the Issue Persists:

Reinitialize the Job Billing Selection data files, JCD, JCE, JCF, JC_01, JC_02:

  • Open Library Master, Repair, Reinitialize Data Files
  • Select Job Cost for the application and the company code receiving the error
  • From the list of files, select ONLY:
    • JCD (Job Billing Entry Header File)
    • JCE (Job Billing Entry Detail File)
    • JCF (Job Billing Entry Used Inv. Nums)
    • JC_01 (Job Billing Tax Detail File)
    • JC_02 (Job Billing Tax Summary File)
  • Click ‘Proceed’ and then answer ‘Yes’ to the Warning
  • Reenter billing selection


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.