How to Create Drop-Ship Purchase Orders in Sage 100

As defined in Sage “a drop-ship return item is merchandise returned directly to the vendor by the customer”.


1. Open Purchase Order, then the Main folder and select Purchase Order Entry.

2. Enter the Order Number (or use the next function), Order Date and select that Order Type to be “Drop Ship”.

3. In the From Sales Order field, you can either type in or use the look up tool to enter the Sales Order Number on file with the customer returning items as well as Vendor No or press ENTER to skip these fields.


4. Click on the Lines tab.

**Depending on the features chosen in Purchase Order Options for the Include All Drop Ship Line Items field, one of the following will occur:

  • Only for PO Vendor – All drop-ship lines from the Sales Order that have a Vendor Number matching the Purchase Order Vendor will be generated on the Purchase Order. Drop-ship lines that do not have a Vendor Number are added to the Purchase Order only when the Purchase Order Vendor matches one of the vendors entered for those items in Item Vendors Maintenance.
  • Yes – All drop-ship lines from the Sales Order are generated to the Purchase Order regardless of the Vendor or the Sales Order lines.
  • Prompt – A prompt asking to bring in all drop-ship lines from the Sales Order will appear. Select “Yes” to have all of the drop-ship lines automatically generated to the Purchase Order, regardless of the Vendor. Select “No”  to generate only the drop-ship lines with a Vendor Number that matches the one selected on the Purchase Order and the drop-ship lines without a Vendor Number but with an Item Vendor that matches the Purchase Order Vendor.

Capture3 Capture4

5. Click “Accept” to complete the order.