Sage 100 CI Six Decimal Precision and Mask

Sage 100 CI Six Decimal Precision and Mask (CIDP) allows you to increase the Unit Price, Unit Cost and Quantity decimal masks up to six (6) decimal places to the right of the decimal and adds the ability to use up to six places of decimal precision for calculations.

CIDP Replaces the following Sage Extended Solutions:

  • For Inventory, this Extended Solution replaces IM-1114 Expanded Numeric Mask for Price/Cost/Quantity and replaces IM-1115 Six Decimal Precision for Inventory.
  • For Purchase Order, this Extended Solution replaces PO-1085Six Decimal Precision for Purchase Order.
  • For Bill of Materials, this Extended Solution replaces BM-1005 Expanded Numeric Mask for Quantity/Cost and replaces BM-1078 Six Decimal Precision for Bill of Materials.
  • For Work Order, this Extended Solution replaces WO-1015 Extended Decimal Precision in Work Order, and replaces WO-1016 Expanded Mask.

Additionally, this enhancement affects Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

NOTE: Even though I/M decimal precision has been changed to six places, the Sage 100 Utility Data File Display and Maintenance will only display four decimal places.

NOTE: The Job Cost module uses its own setup of Number of Decimals (found in Job Cost Setup). The CIDP Six Decimal Precision does NOT change this.