How to run Sage 100 as an Application


Sage can be run as an Application or Service. Running it as an Application is faster, but when you restart the server, it must manually be started.


  1. On the Sage 100 server from the Windows Taskbar, open Start > Sage > Application Server Configuration.
  2.  Click Server Tab > Click Start Button
  3.  When it running on the server, you will see a White Box open. Do not close this or you will stop the Application.
  4.  If Sage 100 is not running, users will get the following error when trying to log into Sage 100:

How to Exit the Server without stopping the Application:

  1. Do not log off the server since that will stop the Application
  2. You will need to Disconnect, not log off when exiting the server
  3. You can Lock the server, but do not log off.
  4. If you restart or shut down the server, you will need to manually start the Application to log into Sage 100.