Reverse Order Entry Invoice Sage 300


How do you reverse an Order Entry Invoice if the total is incorrect?


You can manually reverse an Invoice by going to

  • O/E Transactions > Credit/Debit Note Entry
  • Select the Document Type as Credit Note
  • Select the Customer and the Invoice Number

There are three types of Credit:

  1. Items Returned to Inventory – If the Items need to be returned to the Inventory, then this type Items Returned to Inventory should be selected in which Inventory would be debited. This would return the items back to inventory which can again be shipped and Invoiced.
  2. Damaged Items – If the items that have shipped to the customer (in transit) have been damaged during transportation or some other reasons, then the Credit type selected should be Damaged Items. This would have a credit effect on the customer and no effects on the Inventory.
  3. Price Adjustments – If the item that has been shipped to the customer has a price negotiation, then the credit type should be Price Adjustments, wherein only the Item Sales Amount would be affected and has no implications on Inventory.
    Once the relevant type is selected, you need to check other details like quantity, cost and post the same. At this step, the Invoice reversal is done. Create an Order, Shipment and Invoice with appropriate details from scratch.