QuickBooks Time for Government Contracts

How QuickBooks Time Makes Compliance With DCAA Timekeeping Requirements Easier

DOL- and DCAA-compliant contracts require daily time tracking, precise records with audit trails for all changes, and QuickBooks Time can do it.

How can QuickBooks Time help your Government Contracts?

QuickBooks Time allows you to track all changes, extensive, reporting, approvals, and daily time tracking in case of a DCAA Audit. Keeping compliance with DCAA just got easier, save your time, save your money. Start Today.

Manual Time Entry

The QuickBooks Time Manual Time Entry feature can help protect your business with the timekeeping, management and reporting capabilities you need to comply with the regulations. It will help you track daily labor costs on a project–by–project basis and tackle one of the most complex areas of DCAA compliance by creating a detailed audit trail.


Automated Overtime Alerts

DCAA regulations require that you calculate labor costs on the total number of hours your employees work—even if they are on a salary. This means you need to keep a close eye on everyone’s overtime. At no extra cost you can set up automatic alerts from your Quickbooks Time account to let your administrators and employees know when your daily or weekly limits are approaching. Reduce your labor costs today.

QuickBooks Time Simple Time Tracking Allows You To...

Time Tracking

A web-based, secure, and accurate time tracking solution. Use QuickBooks Time manual time entry via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Manage Time

Configure all user approvals, backup/proxy approvals, employee, supervisor, and admin approvals

Report Time

Audit trails are created for all changes, timesheet corrections, adjustments, date stamping, and approvals

Daily Reminders

DCAA compliance requires daily time tracking by every employee and for managers to approve their hours—whether they are working on the DCAA contract or not. To make sure this happens, Quickbooks Time has added a new feature at no extra cost which sends daily email alerts to every employee to remind them to submit their hours for their manager’s approval.

Audit Log

If an employee or manager edits a time card after it has been submitted, the DCAA wants to know who made the change, when it was made, and why. Quickbooks Time’ Manual Time Card creates an uneditable audit log that provides a locked record of all the additions, deletions, approvals, and modifications that have been made to your employees’ timesheets.