QuickBooks Time Alerts and Approvals

Alerts and approvals for employee time management

Get notifications when you need them, while timesheet approvals make your business more efficient

Overtime Tracking

Get alerts before expensive overtime begins, for better budgeting and job costing.

Scheduling Made Easy

Create and manage employee schedules, and send notifications about shift changes from one place.

Customized Alerts

Notify employees with alerts and push notifications. Customize both to meet your needs!

Preset overtime and Holiday Rates

The QuickBooks Time Pay Rate Engine automatically tracks overtime and holiday rates for individuals, groups, or the entire company, so you can save time and reduce payroll errors. QuickBooks Time handles the calculations for you.

Advanced overtime settings include:

  • Multiple rates by hours of the day.
  • Overtime rates by week or pay period.
  • Different pay rates on different days of the week.

Customize Text and Email Notifications

QuickBooks Time makes life easier for employers and employees. When enabled, both can set and customize notifications.

  • Remind employees to submit timesheets with automated notifications.
  • Set reminders to approve timesheets each pay period.
  • Set push notifications, so employees know when shift schedules are published or updated.