Property Management

Advanced Financial Reporting, Physical Property and Vacancy Management, Multi-Company Functionalities

Many property management applications purport to offer the features and functionality you need, but fall short when it comes to providing the accounting and financial reporting tools that are fundamental to running a business.

ACS Property Management is the no compromise solution – delivering comprehensive property management functionality combined with powerful accounting and financial management tools.

ACS PM uses Sage 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200) as its financial backbone. By integrating with this world-class, time-tested accounting and financial management application, you benefit from best-of-breed functionality. Not yet familiar with Sage 100? Our consultants can help you explore the benefits of this financial management system.

Property Mgmt

  • Best of breed functionality – Property Management and Financial Management
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and journal entries and increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Manage multiple companies (legal entities) in a single application
  • Gain the big picture with individual company or consolidate financial statements
  • Monitor property and unit health by generating profit and loss statements individual properties and units
Advanced G/L Handling and ReportingAuto-translation of G/L sub accounts for property and unit based transactions
Lost revenue to vacancy postings and non-financial account postings for occupied and vacant units
FASB 13 deferred rent postings
Independent Cash and Accrual accounting for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
Lease ManagementLease intelligence auto sets lease and tenant astatus
Track recurring charges on multiple billing cycles
Enter pre-scheduled rent changes that take affect automatically based on billing date
Automated move-out tool charges move-out fees, applies credits and deposits to outstanding charges, and refunds any negative balance through A/P
Lease history tracks completed leases while allowing current leases to continue
Unit Vacancy ManagementUtilities to track expiring leases, property health, and vacancies
Detailed unit occupancy tracking and reporting, including vacancy and inactive periods
Integrated Billing and ReceiptsAutomated billing selections by occupancy
Billing Report allows managers to review billing for completeness before updating
Automatic application of cash by pre-designated priorities
All charge and credits tracked in detail for complete charge/payment history and real time balances due
Automated Renewals and MoveoutsEnter renewal information so leases can roll-over automatically
Include lease escalation schedule in renewal
Completed leases retained in history to make room for new renewals
Detailed move-out screen makes move-out administration easy
Assess move-out charges and choose to apply deposits and prepayments
Auto create deposit refund through A/P
Integrated CAM ReimbursablesEnter  expenses through AP and designate as CAM by Property or Project
Override accounts allow for special CAM expense and revenue accounts
Tenant share calculated by lease square footage or override percentage
Bill on actual expenses as they happen or bill estimates and reconcile at year end
Additional AssessmentsMulti-Tier Late Fee Processing
Common Area/Reimbursable Charges
Pass-thru reimbursable charges
Multi-Tenant rate change utility
Deposit Interest Processing
Automatic NSF fee assessment
Global (multi-company) utilites to reivew upcoming events
Advanced Multi-Company Processes

ACS Property Management also provides for cross-entity management and transaction processing through the Multi-Company line of enhancements.
Multi-Company AP
Multi-Company Field Service

Multi-Company AR

Multi-Company Standard Reporting