Property Management Service Work Order

Multi-Company Field Service

Multi-Company processing provides large scale managers with an effective method for processing cross-entity transactions, while maintaining full general ledger accountability.

Field Service

Managing multiple properties involves a big investment in time. Common area maintenance (CAM) work, repairs, preventative maintenance, asset management, and tenant improvements all involve labor, materials, and parts. Field Service for ACS Property Management makes it easy to accurately track and bill tenants and/or owners for these tasks.

Control costs and ensure proper billing of all maintenance work. Track and bill service labor, materials and inventory items used to service Properties and Units. Automatically markup and track costs for all work, generate work orders, invoice tenants and track CAM related expenses.

When a Field Service request requires the use of a third party, link the work order to an AP vendor and track the quote labor an material costs. Once the work is completed, the AP Invoice can be linked back to the Work Order to track actual vendor charges.

Property Mgmt

True Multi-Company processing means never having to switch screens or determine if a tenant or unit is in another Sage 100 company. From the Field Service module select from any company’s tenants, properties, units and item codes. This advanced automation saves time when searching for tenants and existing work orders.

Advanced work management options and automatically maintained Work-in-Process (WIP) system provides the ability to control the billing of work completed, including when and how much work is billed. The multi-company billing system automatically bills within the proper company. All billings are CAM compatible when working with Property Management enabled companies.

OverviewMulti-Company Field Service for Property Management provides managers with a way to enter, track and fulfill tenant and owner maintenance requests as well as schedule preventative maintenance work order quickly and easily. True multi-company processing means never having to change screens or determine if a tenant or unit is in another Sage 100 company.
Physical Property and Unit Maintenance ManagementSeamless field service work order processing for ACS Property Management. Perform physical work on properties and units and complete specific maintenance requests for tenants. Bill tenants and owners. Property Management module CAM integration.
Labor, Material and Inventory TrackingBill and track tenant prices and manager costs. Manages completed service orders and in process jobs. Historical data retained for all work orders permanently, even after they are moved to history.
Internal Billing SystemIntuitive design automates billing across multiple Sage 100 ERP companies. Users can write up and write down billing based on specific Item Codes or just process and bill all work
ACS Property Management CAM CompatibleTrack actual CAM service labor, materials and inventory for properties and projects. Can budget for properties.
Asset MaintenanceService ACS Property Management Assets, move inventory to a property asset, and move assets in and out of service or between units.
Preventative Maintenance and Master OrdersSchedule recurring or preventative maintenance service orders using an automated schedule builder. Allows for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and multiple month selections. The system will automatically generate service orders for completion according to the schedule. Users can also us Maser Orders as a template to create similar orders quickly.
Multi-Company EfficiencySingle point of entry for Service Order creation, inventory selection and billing. Tracks work completed, actual time captures, history and analysis.
Budget and Productivity AnalysisMonitor budget from actual labor and items used. Monitor productivity of routes, employees, type of work. Analyze efficiency of regular property and unit maintenance.
Vendor Budget MaintenanceBudget and control sub contractor work. Accounts Payable integrated and vendor entries direct from Accounts Payable.
CustomizationProperty Management and MAS allows screens, invoice forms and reports to be customized the way your business does.