Printboss for Sage

PrintBoss integrates with nearly all Sage products, from Sage 50 to 500, and everything in between. Print checks as you normally would in Sage, but select PrintBoss as your printer driver. PrintBoss receives company information from Sage and pairs it automatically with the correct bank information. All you do is click print!

PrintBoss will make the process of printing accounting documents easier, faster and less expensive by printing onto blank paper. Dependable PrintBoss software is designed to enhance the utility and performance of printing Sage 300 (Accpac) documents. No additional keystrokes are required to produce checks and other accounting forms including multiple laser printed copies. Save money, increase security and enhance your company image by using PrintBoss. PrintBoss can resolve virtually any printing issue: multiple copies, multiple printers, electronic signatures, logos, Positive Pay, emails, networks, Citrix.


Printboss Checks Feature


  • Print checks onto blank check stock
  • Save 80% on the cost of preprinted checks
  • Increase check security by printing the routing and account numbers during a check run
  • Print signatures for increased security

Automated Clearing House 

  • Automatically create ACH payment files
  • Electronically submit payments through your bank
  • Compatible with US and Canadian banks
  • Pay by check or by ACH in the same batch
automated clearing house view
Add Printer Wizard View


  • Print multiple copies of checks and documents to different trays and/or printers
  • Eliminate “pull-apart” dot matrix forms
  • Eliminate expensive collated color paper


  • Create PDF copies of your documents
  • Automatically name and file the PDF version
  • Put a password on documents for additional security
  • Eliminate manual archiving
PDF Creation View
Fax Creation View


  • Fax all documents directly from PrintBoss
  • Send multiple faxes at once
  • Send multiple documents at once
  • Maintain log of which faxes failed for easy resend
  • No busy signals or dial tones


  • Email documents directly from PrintBoss
  • PrintBoss automatically determines which documents to print and which to email
  • Email attachments named logically
  • Email subject and body message provided by PrintBoss
  • Password protect sensitive documents
Email Feature View


User permissions, encrypted bank information, and electronic signatures make your payments secure. Feel safe knowing PrintBoss is a trusted Sage Endorsed Partner.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is the most secure check payment method available and PrintBoss makes it easy by creating and sending the Positive Pay file directly to your bank.

ACH Payments Simplified

Create and send ACH payments without disrupting your check payments. All payment types are processed simultaneously, without you needing to differentiate between them.

Email Accounting Documents Automatically

Email invoices, direct deposit statements, purchase orders, or any other accounting documents with addresses pulled from within the document.