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Thank you for your interest in the Acute Data Systems (ADS) Partner Program.

Partner Benefits

By becoming an ADS Partner, you will receive opportunities to:

  • Receive compensation for Referred Products/Services
  • Grow your business practice, even with limited time & resources
  • Provide new products to existing or potential clients
  • Gain technical, consulting, and support resources
  • Stay focused on doing the things that you do the best
  • Unlock other consulting opportunities

Customer Benefits

Referred customers will receive:

  • High-quality customer service and satisfaction
  • Remote or on-premise training and support
  • Exposure to new business solutions

How We Put Our Customers First

Referral Partners introduce ADS to clients that may benefit from our software experience. Our consultants work with partners to present software applications, offer alternative solutions, and to provide technical support. Referral Partners may be Accountants & Bookkeepers, Business Advisors, IT & Networking Consultants, or any individual that has the best interest of their referral.

We understand that your clients value your expertise as their trusted advisor. That’s why we work side-by-side with you and your client while solely providing software assistance. As you are their trusted advisor, all the services you perform (Accounting, Business, IT, or network-related services) will be redirected to your business practice. You simply tell us what you want us to do.

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