Parallel migration fails with error "Create Table failed" referencing SY_Console.M4T file


  • Multi-step upgrade from 4.30 to 2017 to Sage 100 2020 fails in 2020.1 Parallel Migration with the following error:
  • Parallel Migration Wizard – InstallShield Wizard
  • Prepare failed with the following error:
    • Create Table failed for E:\SOURCE\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_Console\PHYSICAL UPDATE ABORT: SY_Console 
    • Unable to access file <E:\SOURCE\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_Console.M4T>Serr:No such file or directory.

Once 2020 migration fails with the error, you cannot launch Sage 100 2020, it will show >0716> error followed by Error #12 file does not exist or already exists.

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


  • The source installation has a corrupt SY_Console.M4T file.


  1. Try to view SY_Console.M4T file in Data File Display and Maintenance from another install (2020 will not launch after failed migration) to confirm if records are bad.
  2. Create new SY_Console.M4T file in the older version’s \MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM folder.
      • The file can be renamed and the older version launched to create new SY_Console.M4T file.
  3. Once file is recreated, relaunch the migration via the 2020 \MAS90\Migration\migrate.exe (run as administrator).