Sage 100 Paperless Office: How to – Part 1

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Paperless office is one of the Sage 100 modules that we here in support get a lot of calls about. In Part 1 of 3, we will show you how to do things like how print forms to PDF in Paperless Office and how to e-mail customer and vendor forms in Paperless Office.

Now here are some of the most common how-to tips that people have called in and asked about:

How to print forms to PDF using Paperless Office

Before you can print any forms to PDF using Paperless Office, you first need to set its preferences:

    • Expand Paperless Office and Setup. Double-click Paperless Office Options.
    • In the Enable Electronic Delivery and PDF Storage area, click the Forms check box, and click Accept.
    • In Setup, double-click Form Maintenance.
    • Fill-in the following fields:
    • Company Code = The desired company code (or All).
    • Module Codes = The desired module (or All)
    • Documents = The desired form (or All Documents)
    • Enable Electronic Delivery = Select this check box if the form will be sent by e-mail.
    • From E-mail Address = The default e-mail address that the forms will be sent from.
    • PDF Directory = The directory to store the PDF files.
      Note: This should be accessible from all workstations that should have access.
    • Override Password / Confirm Password = Any password of your choosing.
  • Click Accept.


To print a form to PDF:

    • Open the form printing task (for example: Sales Order Printing).
    • At the Paperless Office Output field, select PDF All.
    • Select any options and click Print.

To view the PDF in the Viewer:

    • Expand Paperless Office and Main. Double-click Customer Viewer or Vendor Viewer (depending on the form type).
    • Select the company code.
    • Select the form type printed above (for example: Order).
    • Double-click the form printed above to view the PDF.
      Note: Reports can be printed, emailed, or faxed for this task.

How to e-mail customer and vendor forms in Paperless Office

The first step is to set the system preferences for Paperless Office

  1. Expand Paperless Office and Setup. Double-click Paperless Office Options.
  2. In the Enable Electronic Delivery and PDF Storage area, select the Forms check box, and then click Accept.

  1. Expand Paperless Office and Setup. Double-click Form Maintenance.
  2. In the Company Code field, select the desired company.
  3. In the Module Code and Document fields, select all.

Note: Select all modules and all documents to set a default location to save the documents in .pdf format. To set up specific combinations, select a certain module code, document, and location. The settings for a specific combination take precedence over all settings.

  1. Select the Enable Electronic Delivery check box to specify a default e-mail address.
  2. In the PDF Storage area, enter a valid directory that is accessible to all workstations.
  3. In the Override Password and Confirm Password fields, enter the password, and then click Accept.

Then set up the customer or vendor-specific forms for Electronic Delivery (this example uses Accounts Receivable)

  1. Expand Accounts Receivable and Main. Double-click Customer Maintenance.
  2. Select the desired customer
  3. Click the Main tab, and specify the primary e-mail address.
  4. Click the Paperless button.
  5. In the Document list, select a document (for example, A/R Invoice).
  6. In the PDF Delivery Options area, select E-mail (Print and Fax, if necessary).
  7. Click the E-mail tab.
  8. Select the Use Customer E-mail Address check box to use the primary e-mail address on the customer account.
  9. In the To Custom Contacts area, select a primary contact code to use when e-mailing this customer.
  10. Click Accept, and repeat the steps above for each document (if all documents was not selected).

How-to e-mail the form using the printing task (this example uses Sales Order Printing)

  1. Expand Sales Order and Main. Double-click Sales Order Printing.
  2. In the Paperless Office Output list, select Electronic Delivery Only, and click the E-mail button.
  3. Verify the e-mail settings are correct, and then click OK.

  1. In the Selections area, select the following on the Order Number row:
  1. Operand = Equal to
  2. Value = enter a sales order number to print
  • Click the Print button, and the sales order form prints as a .pdf file or electronically delivered depending on the delivery option selections.

Note: If the document is not electronically delivered or printed as a .pdf file according to the delivery options defined in the printing window, review the document setup in Customer Maintenance (or Vendor Maintenance).

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