Orion Point of Sale

Fully Integrated POS Software for Sage 300 

Orion Point of Sale Delivers …

End To End Integration to Some of North Americas Most Widely Used Accounting Systems

Omnichannel Means End To End Processing …
Integrating Systems like Order Processing,Point of Commerce, E-Commerce,Service Management, Warehouse Management, EDI, Purchasing and much much more …

Point of Sale reinvented for a mobile world.

The Orion Point of Sale System is a sophisticated, feature-rich, Point of Sale System that can be tightly integrated with your Sage 300 Accounting System. The Orion Point of Sale System is the natural choice to meet your Sage 300 Point of Sale requirements. Orion POS is suitable for use in a small retail business through to an organization with multiple retail locations connected through Terminal Services or remote polled through the Internet.

The Orion Point of Sale System takes advantage of a high degree of integration to the accounting system to simplify ongoing maintenance and ensure that your business operates efficiently with a minimum amount of administration. This high degree of reliance on the accounting system also allows Orion Point of Sale to be simple to maintain and easy for your employees to learn.

This Could Be The Last Point of Sale System You Will Ever Need!

Orion Point of Sale Delivers End To End Integration
to some of North Americas Most Widely Used Accounting Systems


End to End Integration

Take full advantage of end to end processing by integrating other systems like e-commerce, service management, warehouse management, EDI and more.

Integrated with Sage

Orion POS integrates with Sage 300 and Sage 50 (Canadian) giving your organization End-to-end accounting and Inventory management.

On Premise or Hosted

Deploy Orion POS on your existing network infrastructure or operate from a hosted, Cloud Based Server.

Multi Store

Orion POS can process sales from one or more physical locations using real time or remote polled integration with your head office accounting, inventory and POS data.

Windows Based Pos

Use the full power of Microsoft Windows based PC computers, networks or hosted solution.

Use Industry Standard Hardware

Use the full power of Microsoft Windows based PC computers, networks or hosted solution.

Compete Set of Pos Transaction


Refund past orders to store credit, gift cards, or back to the customer using the original payment method.

Custom Forms

Orion POS is capable of print one, two or many sales slips or invoices. Use or integrated form designer to customize your printed output exactly the way that you want it