Order Entry Extended Cost is zero in Sage 300


When adding details in an Order Entry Order the Extended Cost field is zero.


  • An Item is set to the Costing Method “User-Specified”.
  • No price list is setup for the item.
  • And the Default Order Unit of Measure (UOM) is set to “Pricing Unit” in O/E Setup, Options, Processing.
  • When the Item is used in an OE Order the Order UOM field is blank since there is no Pricing UOM for the Item.
  • The Warning: “Description: Information needed to setup the unit price does not exist for price list XXX, item YYYY. The price list record may not exist, or details have not been entered to price multiple units of measure.”
  • If Unit Price, and / or Unit Cost amounts are entered on the line the Extended Amounts will not calculate.
  • When leaving the detail line, or posting the OE Order the Error: “Description: Order Unit of Measure cannot be blank.”


  • Enter a value in the Order UOM field and update the Unit Price and Unit Cost. The Extended Price and Cost fields will now calculate.
  • Add the Item to the Required Price List, before entering a new OE Order.
  • The “User-Specified” Costing Method requires the cost to be entered at the time a transaction is entered.