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Integrate seamlessly with SmartFreight®

Automatically record actual freight cost and consignment note number in Sage 300

What is SmartFreight Link?

SmartFreight Link streamlines Sage 300 integration with SmartFreight – a multi-carrier freight management system.

Through the seamless integration with SmartFreight – the bi-directional transfer of data between Sage 300’s Order Entry module and SmartFreight – processing costs can be reduced, data accuracy increased and analysis of actual freight costs facilitated.

SmartFreight is a market leading freight despatch system in Australasia, 100% compliant with all Australian & New Zealand freight carriers.


  • Maintain your independence by installing SmartFreight and allow yourself the choice of which freight companies you wish to use to suit your needs.
  • System belongs to you, not a transport company, and ensures continuity of systems and processes regardless of how often you change transport companies.
  • Use accepted generic stationery and Internet connectivity to provide accurate documentation and electronic data required by all freight carriers.
  • No duplicated data entry, saving time and eliminating errors.
  • Accurate recording of actual freight costs charged by carriers in Sage 300.


  • Seamless integration with SmartFreight – no duplicate entry of data.
  • Allows consignments to be created from a single document (order, shipment or invoice) or from multiple documents (orders, shipments or invoices).
  • Uploads consignment note number and actual freight charge from SmartFreight either on creation of the consignment in SmartFreight or on production of the manifest from SmartFreight.
  • Can use SmartFreight’s Least Cost features.
  • Default dimensions per pack size per carrier can be stored to facilitate rapid and accurate data entry.
  • Analysis report of freight costs per carrier.
  • Actual freight costs now available in Sage 300 for comparison against freight charged on to customers.
  • Uploads new carriers, services and package descriptions from SmartFreight to keep data current.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK, providing its look & feel and seamless integration with Sage 300’s OE and AR modules.
  • Standard Sage 300 security, customization capabilities.
  • Reports can be customized through Crystal Reports.

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