Orchid Return Material Authorizations (RMA)

For Sage 300

Accurately track returns and repairs from within Sage 300.

What is RMA?

Orchid RMA focuses on robust, repeatable, fully integrated return and repair processes by accurately tracking returns and repairs in your Sage 300 database. Increase your item tracking, maximize cost recovery, identify product quality issues before they arrive, keep your inventory/financial records up to date, and maintain fully informed customers.

Why use RMA?

Orchid RMA provides accurate and synchronized return data for your Sage 300 database. Utilize our RMA templates to save your time and efforts with better tracking and reporting for all of your returns or repairs. Enjoy the feeling of being fully informed of your progress from a single source of truth.

Key Features

Configurable RMA Workflows

Operational Features

Customized Template Setup

Document Creation and Checking

Tracking and Analysis

Integrated Sage 300 Module